• Trans-Global Energy Development Ltd. (also known as TG-Energy Development or TGED) is a Houston based energy development company that has been charged to develop projects in conventional energy, solar power and upstream and downstream petroleum sectors.
  • TGED is focused on developing and constructing new power projects, both as a fully integrated EPC (Engineer – Procure – Construct) contractor and as an IPP (Independent Power Producer) owner.
  • TGED maintains an international market focus with Africa and Middle East as its primary area of interest.
  • TGED through its CEO/President, Mr. Nick Abraham, TGED retains extensive experience in the energy section, including the upstream oil industry, where he directed the oil and gas operations of Trans-Global Petroleum from 1994 until 2009.
  • TGED is willing to address the financing needs for certain power projects where TGED is the designated EPC contractor.